Affectus Alba
Enterprise Server

• Alba Enterprise Server is for collection of huge amounts of data and devices. Most commonly installed on a virtual server and together with separate SQL-Server within the network.

• Enterprise server is built to be integrated with other systems, i.e. SAP, SCADA etc.

• Enterprise systems can easily be combined with Alba Appliance Server and Alba IoT Server.

• The Enterprise server is completely independent of any meter vendor to simplify the incorporation of existing meters and replacing meters in the future.


M-Bus, Modbus, IEC 1107, IEC 62056-21, DLMS, IEC 61850, NMEA, OPC, TCP/IP etc.


Ethernet, RS232, RS485, GSM/GPRS/3G/4G etc.

User interface

All Affectus Alba systems are delivered with a web interface. Presentation, configuration, alarms, functions etc. are managed via a standard web browser.


Alba Enterprise Server employs several important features to maintain high security and integrity in data and access. Servers are setup to only communicate with specific devices and other servers, both in software and in hardware. Alba web server, database and Alba Enterprise server can all be installed separately in order to strengthen the protection of intruders.

Data collection

All kinds of data is collected and stored in a SQL database – load profiles, demand values, readings, online values, events etc.

Export of data

Data can be exported in many formats such as ASCII, XML, JSON, CSV, MSCONS, PQDIFF, e-mail etc.


CewePrometer, Elster, EMH, Metrum, Iskra, Prometer 100, ProQ 100, Elite 440,
ABB Modbus, M-Bus, NMEA, Modbus, Coap, DLMS

REST-API for integration

Alba Enterprise Server has a REST API available for integration with other system in addition to file export integration. REST API can also be used by software like Python or Java script.


Alarms are created by simple functions that look at each value. The alarm is
written in an alarm log and can be mailed to several recipients. Several inputs
can be used to create alarms, e.g. wind speed and power.


Several standard reports are included, such as text and tables as well as graphs. All reports can be saved as report templates for recurring tasks. With Alba Enterprise server, customer tailored reports can be produced. Get the report in your mailbox every month/day/hour.


Alba IoT Server comes with a dashboard that shows both online values and history.

System requirement

Physical or virtual server, Windows or linux

Product variants

  • Product


  • Core

    Full installation with integration capabilities, data export, web portal and unlimited users

  • Site

    Extension of a core installation on other business sites

  • Small Business

    Installation for a smaller number of meters, less data history, few users