Sandvik expands the collection system with more media

Sandvik is now expanding its Alba system to also collect compressed air. Since 2011, Sandvik has used Affectus Alba as a measurement collection system for its 600 energy and electricity quality meters, 100 submeters and 200 relay protection. Sandvik is constantly building its system to improve the control of energy consumption. As energy and electricity quality instruments, Metrum SC and Metrum PQR are used, for pure sub-metering ABB Delta is used. Information from the protection relays Is collected from the PowerLogic EGX300 Modbus Logger.

Sandvik launched Affectus Alba 2011 in order to easily be able to allocate energy consumption internally on different accounts. The information is sent to SAP every month for internal charges. Sandvik has since continued by visualizing all available information to all departments, so that energy follow-up and savings can be processed as close to the source as possible.

We are now pleased that we can work with the next step that is compressed air. The information from different measuring points in the compressed air system is reported every hour and displayed directly on the internal web. All data from the compressed air is allocated in the same way as electricity.

The ext step will be additional media, acids, gas, water, etc.

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