Logging and collection from electricity meters or other meters, terminals, alarm, barcodes, sensors, etc.




Collected data is processed and analysed before exporting to other systems and devices.




Graphical reports in the browser, dashboards, smartphones and other graphical devices.






Data collection

Automatic data acquisition

Affectus Alba collects data from different terminals, meters, sensors, etc. It may involve electricity, district heating, water, energy, temperature, pulse, pressure, pellets, wind, RFID tags, barcodes, airflows, CO content etc. In the energy sector, we collect data from meters in substations or on properties while in the industry sector data is collected from machines, materials and products.

Collection method

The data collection can be done in a variety of ways. Data collection method varies from case to case depending on the customer's requirements and desires, the meters used and where they are located. We choose the best collection method for each unique case.


Processing of collected data

Data automatically collected by Affectus Alba (from the meter terminals, sensors, etc.) is stored in a database as historical data series. It is easy to convert and process the collected data for further processing in a variety of ways. Most often it is presented graphically on the Internet, information screens or smartphones. The data can also be exported to other systems such as business and SCADA systems.


  • cost estimates and settlement
  • internal and external billing
  • alarms via SMS or e-mail
  • degree day correction
  • daily reports by e-mail
  • export to other systems
  • and much more...

Graphical presentation

The automatically collected and processed data is visualized and presented in different ways. Commonly used are standard reports as graphs and tables which are accessed in a variety of ways.

More and more popular is to present data on "Dashboards". Dashboards are information screens showing the current values, graphs and information externally or internally. The screens can be placed in a lobby or at a specific machine. This way, you can always monitor the current situation.




About us

The development of the logging system Affectus Alba is managed by Peter Almström, Ia Almström and Johan Hedgren. We work as consultants with technical expertise in the degree level and with more than two decades of experience in the field.

Peter Almström: masters degree in Computer Science specialized in telematics. Works as a software architect and designer with primary responsibility for software development. Johan Hedgren: systems architect educated in Sweden and Australia. Working with sales and development and responsible for customer relations. Ia Almström: computer science engineer and art director responsible for graphical design and copywriting.

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