Collect, store, analyze and report data to save money and resources

Affectus Alba is the platform that combines cutting edge technologies and strategic partners to deliver world-class IOT solutions. Our Smart Metering solution, based on Affectus Alba, monitors thousands of meters for energy, water, compressed air, heat, etc. in a common system from which collective information is obtained to draw conclusions and make decisions. 

Our solution is intended for industrial, commercial and energy applications to provide better visibility, controlled consumption, improved productivity, improved efficiency and reduced operating costs. We help our partners and customers to use our platform to build different IoT solutions. Our solution for smart metering systems can be used alone on a server or integrated with other systems such as ERP, SCADA etc.


Logging, collecting and storing data from meters, terminals, alarms, barcodes, sensors etc.

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Collected data is processed and analysed before exporting to other systems and devices.

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Graphical reports and dashboards in browsers, smartphones and other graphical devices.

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Information and analytics are the key to savings

With our smart metering system, Affectus Alba, hundreds or thousands of smart meters (electricity, water, compressed air, heat, etc.) are monitored in real time to track energy usage and report measurement data to planning and precise billing tools. Our solution allows you to save large amounts of energy, reduce operating costs and create added value for your customers while reducing environmental impact.

Wide area monitoring

Measurement and remote monitoring of power lines and power grids for transmission and distribution.

Smart metering

Accurate metering of energy, flow, pressure, etc. to track energy consumption and schedule for demand.

Reports and analytics

Customizable reports per year, month, week, day, hour to analyze usage and usage profiles.

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