Affectus Solutions:
Package of TRUST!!!

By Anandam Sanyal

Anandam Sanyal, Marketing & Sales specialist in charge of Business Expansion for Affectus AB in South East Asia.

The most important characteristic that any organisation must achieve and be proud of is: TRUST. It is not an easy task for any company to keep on delivering its commitment towards excellence as well as to upgrade its system to keep pace with modern advancement in technology that is evolving by the day! Affectus has been able to achieve this extraordinary feat before and continues to do so in present times providing its clients with best of experience!!

Affectus AB recently upgraded a system which had been installed in one of the biggest Packaging Industry giants in Sweden having a production of over several million tonnes of packaging materials. The organisation had installed the system designed by Affectus back in 2012.The primary objective of the organisation is to provide the world with sustainable options that will help to achieve success in the field of non-polluting environmental packaging.

This premier organization with its production unit in Sweden, decided to trust Affectus systems for monitoring their energy use and efficiency measures back in 2012.

The organization was satisfied with the performance of Affectus Alba, continued to be our patron year after year. The commitment and delivery bond was further strengthened and scaled up when they decided to upgrade their existing system of energy management as a partner of sustainable future.

Recently they upgraded and installed AFFECTUS ALBA IoT system. Affectus Team is very happy and is committed to provide best of service tour patrons. Hence the name:

Footprints in Asia

By Anandam Sanyal

Anandam Sanyal, Marketing & Sales specialist in charge of Business Expansion for Affectus AB in South East Asia.

Affectus has conducted successfully tests in one of the remote islands in Bay of Bengal. With the vision of creating the smart environment for system the Affectus team led by Peter Almström along with Johan Hedgren from Sweden and Anandam Sanyal of India conducted almost a year long survey, observations and assessment of the conditions of the remote islands in the Bay of Bengal!

With the sensational increase in need to eradicate the use of fossil fuel it becomes more important to quantify, assess and manage the relevant situation every moment of how things are operating! The normal tendency to install system is always there but post that in order to keep the system running you need to get facts on the table! Affectus does this job for optimising the output!

Beginning with collecting the data for the purpose of getting the load profile and peak demand of a village before installing solar PV and at the same time evaluate communication under really bad conditions.

The generators currently feeding the village are only run at night which means the equipment is shut off during daytime. There is no 3G available and 2G/GPRS is really bad if working at all. Still we are able to get the data from the ABB meter and the load profile is updated for online access from wherever you are.

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Participation in India
Smart Grid Week

By Anandam Sanyal

Anandam Sanyal, Marketing & Sales specialist in charge of Business Expansion for Affectus AB in South East Asia.

Affectus AB participated in the India Smart Grid Week held in New Delhi at the prestigious Maneckshaw Centre! It is one of the most prestigious events in the spectrum of Renewable Energy! The dignitaties from different countries were present on the occsasion! Mr Reji Pillai; the president of the ISGF initiated the start of the occasion! Mr Harald Sandberg; Ambassador of Sweden to India was present & inaugurated the Swedish pavilion!

Affectus AB with the determination of playing an active part in making the Green World was an integral part of the Pavilion was represented by Anandam Sanyal; in charge of the emerging markets of India & South East Asia!! Along with the renowned companies like ABB; Ericsson; Metrum; Teroc etc!

There were discussions based on the concept of Renewable energy and its’ use! The probable application to the various sectors & sections of industries where power is a determinant factor for instance E- mobility; Solar Power use; Smart Metering! We discussed with all the exhibitors our system related to data; measurement systems; Smart metering integration with existing etc etc! We were delighted to know that the concept of using Affectus systems was accepted by one & all!

Smartness is nothing but when an idea is implemented & sustainability is when the idea performs constatntly with the scope of innovation!! Affectus is catering the smartest brains to think smarter and optimizing the Sustainability to the sensational ideas!!